Wealthy ladies looking for love – Mia wants a hookup with a loyal guy

Hello, I’m a financially above-water woman but a tad bit lonely, searching for someone for the lonely nights, I’m Mia by name and yes am ready to live my fantasy life

I want to be connected with a person that is searching for a single woman, somebody that won’t cheat while we are together and I vow to take great consideration of him

I want a sound and refined man, heartfelt and great in bed. I’m not unreasonably chatty yet I will cherish my lover and show him regard. Nataka mtu atanishika shika niskie vizuri na mimi nitampea pesa mzuri ndio ajiendeleshe kimaisha. Indeed am forlorn woman and I don’t rely upon men, I have my own business spanning several countries.

I simply need to have a great time with my newfound heartthrob calmly, not once. Assuming that he will move to live with me it will be perfect.

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