Valentines Day Date Ideas

Great date ideas for you and your lover to do on Valentines Day. Want something that will really get the heart pumping? And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?! Try a parachute jump. Singly or as a couple, you can take a one to two hour drive and be right at the airport. They teach you all you need to know. Depending on the kind of jump, instruction may be a few hours or only an hour. Then it’s up into the sky – and very quickly back down again. That’s the kind of gift that is remembered long after the chocolates are gone.

A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be an object. Though they’re always welcome. It can just as well be a great new experience. When the experience is shared it’s even better.

Hot air balloon rides, for example, are a popular idea. They combine all the excitement of lighter than air travel with color, drama and shared joy. Within an hour or so of many large population areas there are businesses that will offer a half-hour or hour long ride, sometimes longer.

Participants get a very short talk about safety, then the trip begins. A sunny day with puffy clouds provides the perfect opportunity to see nearby mountains, forests and the city in the distance. In some areas that trip can be wintery cold. But in many it will just be the normal cool associated with being high over the Earth.

A car rental is another good idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, rather than something to have. What? How boring is that? No, no. Not just any car rental… a very special car.

Take your pick. It could be a Ferrari, if you have a place to stretch it out. Or, it could be an elegant Bentley Azure. Sure, they’re pricey, even by the day. But a Valentine’s Day gift like this is going to be remembered for a long time.

Cruise down the highway, or slide through town. Drive up to pick up your Valentine’s Day date in a beautiful automobile and you’ll start it off on a high note that only gets better.

Speaking of cruises…. Need something longer, bigger? Go for a ship cruise.

For those who have the time and funds, there are a thousand two-week to month-long (or more) cruises to choose from. From New York to the south of France is a popular route. If you’re already in Europe, try one of the Scandinavian trips, weather permitting.

But, it could be just a day long excursion from San Francisco to San Diego or Cabo. It could be a gentle glide from Boston to Miami. Or, you could take a 4-day cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean. After all, just because Valentine’s Day only lasts 24 hours, there’s no law that says the gift must be limited to that.

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