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Dear admin I suppose I’m where I should be. I live in Kiambu and am seeking for a sweetheart. I want a guy for a dating fling and to see how it goes. He does not need be financially stable as I am willing to take care of him. For privacy reasons, I don’t want to reveal more personal information. If you don’t mind dating a Single Sugar Mum with huge appetites, I’m your best bet. I’m looking for any Kenyan man from anywhere in Kenya.

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How to Get a Rich Sugar Mummy in Kenya in 2023

Recently, we highlighted the locations and methods for finding wealthy sugar daddies in Kenya. However, in response to popular demand, we’d like to outline several strategies for finding a wealthy sugar mummy in Kenya today. It’s simply an experience, as I constantly maintain; it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

I want to emphasize unequivocally that your ability to find a sugar momma anywhere in the globe depends on your intelligence. Some people are intelligent from birth. But many of the men you encounter are really hesitant and won’t ever engage in earnest conversation with an older lady. I wish to point out some tips for identifying a sugar mama in Kenya as a result.

I’m offering this tutorial without charge to anyone who is interested.

1. A wealthy, older lady desires a young fellow with vision rather than a poor, ignorant moron who can’t even spell his own name.

2. Avoid implying that finance is a factor during your first encounter. Otherwise, she might assume that you simply care about her wealth.

Therefore, you must be imaginative in terms of your “market pitch.” If you understand how to thoroughly disguise your deceit, then can even pretend.

3. If you successfully completed any previous romances, be sure to list them herein as they may give you an edge.

Keep in mind that you are wooing a seasoned money maker, and how effectively you perform will determine how much you will earn.

4. In the event that you are meeting at a cafe and she arrives prior to you, let her know that you requested the waiter to point you in the direction of the one area where the most attractive woman is seated.

You must be exaggerating, right? nevertheless, keep in mind that you’re also being imaginative.

5. If you already have a professional life I’m assuming that most young guys do—you can discuss your career ambitions.

Now, things can work pretty well, dude, for those who are clever enough to come up with a company idea (of course after multiple encounters).

6. Inform your sugar momma that you need financing for this significant project.

This must appear like a request for her to put you in touch with someone who will help you fulfill your aspirations. These mature women are often well-connected. They’ll support you and maybe even give you the funds you’re requesting. But keep in mind, my fellow, that you ought to never come off as demanding. This is not your money. It belongs to her. Take your whining to your partner or spouse.

7. You and your sugar momma must date for some time in order to begin a commitment. She will undoubtedly raise concerns that necessitate amazing responses, therefore my first point is quite important, exclusivity.

She might inquire as to your reasons for refusing to pursue young ladies. Typically, this is a question many sugar mommies in Kenya love asking. Additionally, if you’re looking for a sugar mummy, you need to be prepared to respond to this inquiry.

Don’t respond by saying that young girls need a substantial amount of care. If you do, you may be perceived as a male gold digger, which is something we really want to avoid. Saying that mature, economically independent women are never a burden on their partners’ wallets will always get you out of this topic. (You’ll notice she’s grinning)

8. Rest confident that her bedroom will serve as your playing field, whether you advance to the following round or lose in the preliminary round depends on your performance.

When the night is over, it is evident that you will part ways or, move on to a relationship depending on how you fare.

However, some ladies won’t invite you to their homes after you meet them for the first time. First, trust must be established. However, you can be sure that eventually, her bedroom will become your domain. Be a patient person.

9. Oh boy, and can you drive a car…?

Often these sugar mamas in Kenya won’t have any issues allowing you to drive them around. Her boy is not the only thing she wants you to spin. Additionally, you would typically act as their chauffeur around Nairobi. Being a competent driver will be advantageous to you. Although it’s never mandatory, you can learn to drive if you don’t already have a valid license.

10. Lastly, remember to appreciate her for her time when you say goodbye after the first date.

It’s always polite to acquiesce. Additionally, here is your time to say something pleasant to her. Simply use your imagination to get your goal.

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