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Dear admin, I Am Rachael, a 36-year-old entrepreneur from Karen who works with some of the highest profit-grossing companies in Kenya and East Africa by extension. Due to my busy schedule, I haven’t had much free time to mingle with the opposite gender, something I would like to change now that I am planning to go on my annual holiday. I am scheduled to take a vacation in Dubai and don’t want to spend it alone, so I’m looking for a younger, energetic man over the age of 21 who is vibrant, full of life, and fun to hang out with. We can enjoy the good times together and if he turns out to be worth keeping, we can make it a long-term thing. Should that happen, I’ll offer him a good job at one of my companies so he can support himself when we return home. Due to privacy issues, I am unable to post my contact information online. Hook me up with any interested guys as soon as they are available.

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“Hello, admin and everybody who frequents your blog. I go by the name Esther. I am a 35-year-old working-class Kenyan sugar mummy who loves some good hot strokes from a talented young man. I’m employed with an insurance provider in uptown Nairobi and since I hold a managerial position I am quite busy and rarely get time for dating. Though I am soft-spoken and I am usually sporting a professional look, deep down I have a dark secret. I desire to be taken by a hot young man who has the strength to satisfy a woman fully. I have no time for the boring husband who hits it once and rolls over to snore, leaving men hanging. I’m looking for a gorgeous Nairobi dude that has a large, juicy cock so we can hook up. HIV test is a must and only serious guys need apply.

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“How are you today, admin? I am Roseline, 34, unmarried, and living in Runda in Nairobi. I am well off financially with no need for a man provisioning me. I also am a mother of two and a working professional with a life of her own. I am searching for a young, serious, and physically fit man. I promise to make him content financially and sexually, as well as offer him companionship and everything else he needs. If he proves his mettle, I might even offer him a lucrative position managing my business’s affairs. His appearance, personal grooming, and behaviour matter a lot to me, so he must have his sh*t together. Excuse my French. I’ve been looking for a person to spend time with in my free time, especially on weekends and holidays. You understand what I mean when I say that he should be able to handle an older woman; I won’t go into further detail, just make him understand I have needs that I want to be met.

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