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“Dated a beautiful lady who was precisely double my age.
She was 40 while I was 20.
She had four grown kids some of them older than me -after a horrific, unhappy marriage.
She was mistreated by her ex-husband and her children, and regrettably, she did little to stop them.
We built a life together working together in a firm that was profitable enough for us to purchase additional homes, two excellent cars, and a yacht.
I finally learned that while leading a pretty damn decent life, I wasn’t content.
Age is more than just a number.
It soon reaches the point where the large difference is obvious.

“When she entered menopause, our sexual relationship swiftly deteriorated from what it had been.
I was a wild 30-year-old at the time, and she had lost the desire to have sex.
She had back problems, so we began to sleep in separate bedrooms.
When I realized I was taking care of her more frequently and I started to resent her for it, things began to crumble.
I gradually realized that I would be dissatisfied if I stayed.
After 12 years together, I told her that I believed that it was time for us to end the relationship.
One of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished.
She was distraught beyond comprehension.
Age is significant.

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