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I’m Elizabeth from Thika 37 years old.  I’m looking for a young man who will be available for me whenever I need him. He should be attractive and able to create magic between the sheets. Good communication skills are an important factor to me and sincerity is important. HIV test is a must and he must be near Thika or within Nairobi and its environs.

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“Dated a beautiful lady who was precisely double my age.
She was 40 while I was 20.
She had four grown kids some of them older than me -after a horrific, unhappy marriage.
She was mistreated by her ex-husband and her children, and regrettably, she did little to stop them.
We built a life together working together in a firm that was profitable enough for us to purchase additional homes, two excellent cars, and a yacht.
I finally learned that while leading a pretty damn decent life, I wasn’t content.
Age is more than just a number.
It soon reaches the point where the large difference is obvious.

“When she entered menopause, our sexual relationship swiftly deteriorated from what it had been.
I was a wild 30-year-old at the time, and she had lost the desire to have sex.
She had back problems, so we began to sleep in separate bedrooms.
When I realized I was taking care of her more frequently and I started to resent her for it, things began to crumble.
I gradually realized that I would be dissatisfied if I stayed.
After 12 years together, I told her that I believed that it was time for us to end the relationship.
One of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished.
She was distraught beyond comprehension.
Age is significant.

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How to Find a Sugar Mamma over the Internet – The Basics of Online Sugar Mamma Dating

Finding potential sugar mamas nowadays can prove to be quite a challenging task. This is because not all mature women that you will meet out there are sugar mammas. Assuming that each and every single one of them are will only get you into trouble. If you are looking to date rich women who can be your sugar mama, using the internet will be a much better and easier approach. By searching through the internet, you can rest assured that you will be approaching the right person. You can do this by simply signing up with sugar mamma dating sites. There are lots of online dating sites that can help you if you want to find a sugar mamma or date rich women. However, if you want a more straightforward approach, I highly suggest that you go directly to sugar mamma dating sites. You will be able to flirt with and eventually date rich women of your liking. You can also mingle with potential sugar mammas to your heart’s content if you know your way around the online sugar mamma dating scene. Here are some of the basics of online sugar mamma dating that you should know about.

First and foremost, if you want to find a sugar mamma, you must find yourself a reliable sugar mamma dating site. Because of the vast number of online dating sites for sugar mammas and their daters, finding a trustworthy site can get a little complicated and difficult. A solution for this is getting as much information as you can about the online sugar mama dating scene. If you want to find a sugar mamma, you must know how the sugar mama dating procedure works. By familiarizing yourself with the process, you will be able to figure out whether an online sugar mama dating site can cater to your needs or not.

Choosing a good sugar mama dating site is just the first step of your quest for the perfect sugar mama dating experience. After finding yourself a legit online dating site, the next thing that you should focus on is attracting potential sugar mammas. You can do this in several different ways. You can sit around and wait for a potential sugar mamma to contact you or you can go look for her yourself. If you choose to wait, you must at least make your profile interesting and enticing. This is because you won’t be able to attract the attention of any potential sugar mamma if your profile is poorly written. Have some enthusiasm when writing your profile. By doing this, you can easily gain the attention of countless sugar mammas. Keep in mind that online sugar mamma dating sites can only help you if you also exert some effort on your part. You can’t just expect these sites to do all the work for you.

By keeping these few things in mind, you will be a little closer to your sugar mamma dating success. Just remember that the world of online dating will always be a “give and take” one. Don’t expect to get something for nothing.

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My name is Susan Njoki. I have been in Europe for the last five years but now am home. I am an educated young woman in her 40s looking for a serious relationship starting as friends. What I want is someone interesting and fun to be with. Feel free to tell me more about yourself as I am looking to find someone interesting. I have tried finding someone locally and it didn’t work so I am looking to find love with a younger person so please I need serious people only and I am interested in someone between 18-40.

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Sugar Mummy UK – Rebecca from the United Kingdom

Hi admin?
My name is Rebecca. I live in Nairobi Karen but before I lived in the UK. I broke up with my husband that is why I came to Kenya. I am lonely and I need someone who can make me feel like a woman. Make love to me and offer me romantic company. Money is not a problem for me. I live a relatively luxurious life and afford to take care of my finances and that of an understanding partner if need be. I have two cars and I can give him one as long as he is loyal and satisfies my needs fully. Thank you in advance admin and do get me someone reliable, please.

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