First Date Makeup Tips and Ideas

Deciding what first date makeup one should wear can be a hard choice to make. What colors should you wear, what feature should you play up and we all know that when it comes to makeup there are so many choices and infant possibilities of looks you can create. So which one is perfect for a first date? 

Truth be told many man love for women to wear natural makeup looks. While some men love a women who wears a face full of makeup many men love to see the natural beauty of a women coming through, not a face full of makeup. So what does that mean for makeup lovers, the answer is simple on the first date always choice neutral colors and shades to enhance your natural beauty. After all if he is Mr. Right you can bring out other makeup looks in the future. The key features to enhance on your first date are your eyes, choose browns that sparkle to apply on your lid for a sexy sultry first date eye. Another key feature is the lips, soft pink colors with soft peachy cheeks are the perfect combo. By playing up your lips he’ll want to kiss you all night. Opt for soft lipgloss instead of lipstick. Look below for video tutorials on first date makeup ideas tips, and rules to live by.

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