Dating and Relationships: Why do many women prefer to date rich men?

Whether you like it or not, money has become the driving force of human life. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t run after food, we run after wealth. Everyone tends to devote their lives to gain money, power & respect. Who doesn’t like some extra few bucks?

All other things being equal, would you prefer to have more money, or less? Seems reasonable to assume more is more, where money is concerned.

I believe this preference has no gender. Again, all things being equal, would you not prefer to date a woman who has money over someone who is struggling? Beyond material pleasures that money brings, there’s the peace of mind, knowing that the bottom is not about to drop out. Knowing you and yours will be fed. Knowing you won’t have to choose between which utilities you’d like to keep on at a given time. This type of stress erodes your good humor, your self esteem, your peace of mind. It’s one of the subtle and corrosive ways in which poverty acts on us to keep us poor. The psychic damage of having to struggle, and of feeling inadequate, of feeling judged for one’s threadbare condition, can lead to depression and other health issues—both mental and physical—and can easily prevent us from bettering our station and escaping the oppressive weight of poverty.

This is a situation I have been in, struggling to feed my family, having to choose between keeping internet going (for my work) or heat (for obvious reasons). Having had both more, and less, money, I can tell you with some ringing authority that having more money is a hell of a lot more comfortable.

So I, personally, prefer to make more money. Note that I did not say, “I prefer to date men who make more money.” That is an important distinction (and many other women share this perspective). I have never personally met a woman who viewed a man as a wallet, but they certainly exist. Selection bias aside (I prefer to people with character), I insist these women are a minority.

Historically (in this country), women had little choice, if they wanted to survive comfortably, but to “marry well” (read: into economic good fortune) lest they be a burden to their families at best, or be cast aside and left to survive however they could, at worst. That is not necessarily the case anymore, though disparity and disadvantage still exists for women, and especially for women of color. In other countries, it’s still quite a reality.

But it certainly shouldn’t require much imagination to know why people prefer a life away from economic hardship—by any means at their disposal.

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