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How are you admin, I must thank you for all that you are doing for us single women. It is very impressive. I am Evangeline a successful attractive woman living on the outskirts of Nairobi, to be specific, Thika. I am currently 39 years old but I have maintained a youthful look and a great figure owing to a healthy lifestyle and a strict daily exercise regime in the gym. I also love dancing to music which helps me keep healthy and stress-free. After being single by choice for several years I have decided to bounce back into the dating scene. I am specifically looking for a young man who is handsome and able to pamper and romance a lovely lady like me. My choice is informed by the fact that I have worked hard to get to where I am and deserve someone fresh from the oven to spice up things in my life. Men my age no longer excite me. Most are unromantic, poor in bed, and always in a hurry to settle down. Not that I have anything against the marriage institution but simply want to enjoy dating without having obligations in mind. I am someone who can afford to pay for the nicer things in life since I am affluent and successful. Therefore a man’s financial situation is of minor interest to me. I am just a girl who wants to have fun!

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“Greetings Admin, hope you have been doing fine since we talked last time. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your efforts in pairing up new people and helping them find their true love. It is very impressive. I appreciate how you folks are honest when trying to hook us. It is a difficult job that many people may take for granted, but you have been trying, and I hereby extend my due praise knowing well it is duly deserved. I’m Sarah, and I live in Makongeni Estate, Thika. I just turned 39 but deep inside me I feel young and bubbling with energy. To be honest I’m searching for a young sugar lad from your hookup site who can shower me with affection and be my partner as we enjoy life together. I am very affluent and can adequately finance a life of fun for both of us. Link me up with someone serious as I am tired of jokers who have nothing to offer someone like me.

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Sugar Mummy In Thika

“Hello, admin and your fellow man and women in search of love. I just wanted to let you know that I admire the work you do and for sure on these internet streets, there is no other hookup zone like yours. I’m Cathy, a very seductive woman who enjoys having fun and relaxing anytime she has free time. I am a mean machine in bed and have this monster energy that lesser men may find hard to match.

Careerwise, I have served as the sales manager for a leading Manufacturing company in Thika. This takes most of my time and I haven’t been active on the love scene. Hook me up with a physically athletic man who enjoys getting into bed and ravishing a woman and leaving her radiant with delight. He ought to be a kind, loving man who bonds well with women. I’ll care for him and adore him in return. Residency is nothing to worry about, we’ll stay together. If he doesn’t have anything, I’ll find him something to keep him busy and occupied. He must be a light drinker who is not alcohol dependent. Smoking is a big no and a complete turnoff.

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