How to get a Sugar Mummy in Nairobi

As the term suggests, a sugar mummy is typically a lady who has attained material success and is likely retired, unhappy, restless, and longing for her younger years.

While this may sound unexpected, many women in Nairobi fall into this group because, let’s admit it, many successful women now obviously didn’t fool around or have sufficient enjoyment in their youth because they were preoccupied with pursuing the social notions of status (money, profession, marital and parental unions).

Many of these women secretly have desires and wild dreams, but they almost certainly will never act on them because of how our culture regards them.

Here’s where you step in in order to fill this void, this vacuum in their lives. Your objective as a sugar baby male will go beyond simple intimate encounters and include helping these women rediscover their youthful energy and a sense of sexual freedom.

To do this, you must first examine your own character to determine if you genuinely fit the description of a youthful, physically fit, good-looking, enthusiastic, and fascinating person. Because they yearn for that.

After that, you must put yourself in situations where you will run into these women. Examples of these circumstances include workplaces, places of worship, upscale dining establishments, and recreational facilities.

You have to put in the effort necessary to approach these women and create an emotional and physical bond with them.

You can control a woman’s soul by fucking her good after making her emotionally invested in you (irrespective of her age).

Death is the only thing that can put an end to a union between two committed.


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Kenyan sugar mummy online – What is the best way to get a sugar mummy?

It’s not as hard and unusual as some people might believe, though. The problem is that very few women—if any—admit or boast about being sugar mommies. Yes, the majority of these women genuinely spend money and have the ability to do things for males, even though many of them can’t even admit it to themselves. Since the age of 19 and am now 28 I have been in multiple relationships with various sugar mummies, even though, strange thing, I just never required their wealth.

I was born into a somewhat affluent, upper-class household and I run my own businesses. I, therefore, engage in it occasionally because I am able to, since women frequently behave in such a manner toward me, and because I am frequently unattached and have a strong emotional gap from others.

You need to appreciate yourself and maintain some emotional space. Consider yourself as a show, a brand, and an adventurer. It could be really easy if you can accomplish it. Being a male sugar baby is first and foremost a psychological issue. It’s tragic if you meet a good sugar momma and aren’t prepared.

Obviously, you need to look after yourself and maintain cleanliness. Aim to appear excellent, have a beautiful haircut, dress nicely, and smell fresh. Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself even if you lack a lot of money. It can give you better chances in life and lead to many opportunities.

Also untrue is the assertion that all sugar mummies are in their 40s or older. I am aware of sugar mummies who are in their 20s. However, younger sugar mummies frequently create difficulties, thus it is usually best to stay away from them. Additionally, anyone can be a sugar mummy—not only entrepreneurs or business executives. I had rich dudes’ side chicks who later became my sugar mummies. And I had escorts who were either sugar mommas, friends with benefits, or both.

It’s important to talk to her and display a little of charm because it gives her the impression that you’re intelligent and witty. However, refrain from talking too much. Rich people don’t like negative individuals, so be upbeat and happy. Political and religious topics should be avoided. Never sound uninformed or foolish unless you are being ironic or humorous since you don’t wish for her to think you might disgrace her in front of her pals or in public. Of course, pay attention to her. Women enjoy being listened to.

Know where to look for them, how to pick them, and how to identify them. Or you should be aware of which girls you could turn into sugar mommas. It is not about brand-name clothing because many poor females enjoy appearing publicly sporting Gucci, DG, and Louis Vitton, whether they are real or counterfeit. It’s about the finer points, such as pricey attire and accessories that, for the most part, don’t scream “nouveau riche” or “I desperately would like to prove to you I possess riches too!” Additionally, truly affluent women have a particular mindset and demeanor. Just pay attention and analyze them.

So even if they are attractive, don’t spend too much time with poor females or ladies who struggle to get money. Have attractive friends who are also your neighbors, but don’t truly invest yourself in them. When you need to have intimate relations (without spending cash) more regularly but your sugar mama(s) won’t be available, those attractive but struggling sex friends will be quite handy. Still, that’s it. Of course, since you need to enjoy it as well, you should also hunt for gorgeous sugar mummies. The fact that affluent women between the ages of 35 and 50 who could be sugar moms actually take care of themselves and even get cosmetic surgery and dress elegantly but sensually since they still want to entice is a good thing. Therefore, fear not as there are lovely and appealing.

So, frequent upscale bars, lounges, eateries, resorts, art galleries, and nightclubs, but be secretive and visit them solo. They can also be found at high-end yoga studios, gyms, and stores that sell pricey goods and apparel. Similarly, you might discover sugar mummies at economic events and conferences.

If you travel internationally, as I do, aim to go to places where women are financially secure, whether it be in Europe, Africa, America, the United Arab Emirates, or Asia. I dare say, it’s going to get simpler the more you explore.

Contrary to popular opinion, some emerging economies with relatively high levels of hypergamy and male privilege are good places to find sugar mummies since many attractive women end up as the spouses or mistresses of wealthy, often much older men they are really not particularly attracted to or don’t actually love. Many of those older men are frequently either unfaithful or excessively occupied. So long as he can be discreet, most of these ladies can be very receptive to a decent man who is a better lover (and very careful lol). If he is a migrant and doesn’t have many acquaintances in her city, that is a bonus.

The greatest strategy to acquire a sugar momma is to visit a popular vacation spot in the summer and hang around in exciting locations. Since: 1. Most women, including married ones, travel unaccompanied. 2. Numerous women frequently engage in affairs and encounters when traveling.

There are also several apps available for couples and single ladies searching for love.

Act as if she will pursue you and perhaps bring up sexual themes. Simply maintain a good appearance, act amicably and flirtatiously without coming across as “the initiator,” and give her the impression that you are a controversy-free, outgoing, but subtle type of person. If she makes it clear that she desires a sexual encounter with you, tell her to go to a guesthouse and contact you when she gets to her room. You’ll then arrive twenty to thirty minutes later. She would have already paid for the room in this case. She would have ordered food and fine beverages if she were the privileged and opulent sort. Although it seems like nothing, it’s a fantastic beginning.

Never discuss money with her; instead, get her accustomed to spending money for you. Never. Make sure she doesn’t believe she owns you or that you are in any way dependent on her, even if you are spending money with her. Remember that even if you are her toy boy and sugar baby, you are still “the dude.” It’s crucial that she doesn’t stop respecting you.

You have to be really excellent when it comes to sex. You can’t perform poorly in bed if you wish to attract sugar mommies. Even if you don’t have the finest sex ever, make sure she remembers you and that wonderful experience. You can still do it even if you need to occasionally use sildenafil, stimulants, or aphrodisiacs. However, even after having intercourse with her, let her schedule your future meetings, etc. Just let her know occasionally that you miss her and yaba yaba yabada, and that you think about her beauty and the feel of her touch. Particularly when they are spending a fortune, women want to feel wanted. However, don’t contact her excessively, and try to limit your presence.

Sometimes it’s wonderful to vanish for a couple of days, drive her a bit crazy, and then resurface. Sugar mums enjoy that. She might become obsessed with you; you do not have to return the emotions; all you have to do is treat her perfectly, honor her, pay heed to her, and be her confidant if you want or need to. On rare occasions, such as on her birthday, give her a gift like a bottle of scent or some sexy underwear to let her know you still think highly of her. Make sure she always has a good time with you, and never, ever argue with her. She must envision escape, glamour, fun, excitement, satisfying sex, and synergy when she thinks of you.

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Sugar mummy telegram groups Kenya – Meet Sylvia Kiambu sugar momma looking for a man for a long-term relationship

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How to Get a Rich Sugar Mummy in Kenya in 2023

Recently, we highlighted the locations and methods for finding wealthy sugar daddies in Kenya. However, in response to popular demand, we’d like to outline several strategies for finding a wealthy sugar mummy in Kenya today. It’s simply an experience, as I constantly maintain; it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

I want to emphasize unequivocally that your ability to find a sugar momma anywhere in the globe depends on your intelligence. Some people are intelligent from birth. But many of the men you encounter are really hesitant and won’t ever engage in earnest conversation with an older lady. I wish to point out some tips for identifying a sugar mama in Kenya as a result.

I’m offering this tutorial without charge to anyone who is interested.

1. A wealthy, older lady desires a young fellow with vision rather than a poor, ignorant moron who can’t even spell his own name.

2. Avoid implying that finance is a factor during your first encounter. Otherwise, she might assume that you simply care about her wealth.

Therefore, you must be imaginative in terms of your “market pitch.” If you understand how to thoroughly disguise your deceit, then can even pretend.

3. If you successfully completed any previous romances, be sure to list them herein as they may give you an edge.

Keep in mind that you are wooing a seasoned money maker, and how effectively you perform will determine how much you will earn.

4. In the event that you are meeting at a cafe and she arrives prior to you, let her know that you requested the waiter to point you in the direction of the one area where the most attractive woman is seated.

You must be exaggerating, right? nevertheless, keep in mind that you’re also being imaginative.

5. If you already have a professional life I’m assuming that most young guys do—you can discuss your career ambitions.

Now, things can work pretty well, dude, for those who are clever enough to come up with a company idea (of course after multiple encounters).

6. Inform your sugar momma that you need financing for this significant project.

This must appear like a request for her to put you in touch with someone who will help you fulfill your aspirations. These mature women are often well-connected. They’ll support you and maybe even give you the funds you’re requesting. But keep in mind, my fellow, that you ought to never come off as demanding. This is not your money. It belongs to her. Take your whining to your partner or spouse.

7. You and your sugar momma must date for some time in order to begin a commitment. She will undoubtedly raise concerns that necessitate amazing responses, therefore my first point is quite important, exclusivity.

She might inquire as to your reasons for refusing to pursue young ladies. Typically, this is a question many sugar mommies in Kenya love asking. Additionally, if you’re looking for a sugar mummy, you need to be prepared to respond to this inquiry.

Don’t respond by saying that young girls need a substantial amount of care. If you do, you may be perceived as a male gold digger, which is something we really want to avoid. Saying that mature, economically independent women are never a burden on their partners’ wallets will always get you out of this topic. (You’ll notice she’s grinning)

8. Rest confident that her bedroom will serve as your playing field, whether you advance to the following round or lose in the preliminary round depends on your performance.

When the night is over, it is evident that you will part ways or, move on to a relationship depending on how you fare.

However, some ladies won’t invite you to their homes after you meet them for the first time. First, trust must be established. However, you can be sure that eventually, her bedroom will become your domain. Be a patient person.

9. Oh boy, and can you drive a car…?

Often these sugar mamas in Kenya won’t have any issues allowing you to drive them around. Her boy is not the only thing she wants you to spin. Additionally, you would typically act as their chauffeur around Nairobi. Being a competent driver will be advantageous to you. Although it’s never mandatory, you can learn to drive if you don’t already have a valid license.

10. Lastly, remember to appreciate her for her time when you say goodbye after the first date.

It’s always polite to acquiesce. Additionally, here is your time to say something pleasant to her. Simply use your imagination to get your goal.

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