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How I was seduced by a cougar and got the job of fucking Nairobi sugar mummies for money

Hello, I go by the name Philiph. 33 years old, 6′ tall, and weighing 178 pounds. My parents immigrated to Kenya from Uganda, where I was born. I am not engaged, and I have not yet had children.

The first 17 years of my life were ordinary.

Then, my father, the family’s primary provider, passed away in an awful work – related accident.

The company stated that his injuries occurred as a result of his recklessness… After his death, the compensation from his job was very low, and his life insurance proved to be inadequate.

Mother was a fantastic cook and homemaker, but she never had a job outside the home.

In truth, she had little knowledge of computers or driving.

My youngest sister had just entered high school, while my older sister was in her first year of college.

I had to drop out of high school and start looking for a job because we lost our main source of income.

Finding decent work wasn’t simple, especially when you were a minor and didn’t complete high school.

After a few weeks of looking, I was accepted-with one stipulation – by a man who ran a small construction business. I should’ve never reveal that I was a minor. While I put in a lot of effort and made a decent amount, our family’s standard of living compared to that of my dad’s lifetime was significantly lower.

I spent the majority of my time doing laborious manual labour up until the age of 18. My muscles consequently wonderfully.

I didn’t care or pay attention to how I looked because I spent my days among other male construction workers.

My older sister visited me on my birthday after being away at college for a while.

“Philip, you have such height and good looks! I’ll bet females are constantly swooning over you.”

I flushed and said nothing.

“What is happening? Are you too timid to tell us about the things you do in your spare time? …”

“Mary, leave Philip alone! Isn’t it sufficient that his salary covers your educational costs? Be polite with him, please “Mom was irritated.

“Philiph is a young, handsome man, mom. Are you suggesting that he never gets the chance to date women?”

Mom did not speak.

“Philiph, you are joining Samantha and me at a club on Saturday. I would like you to realize there is more to life than just a job!”

Mary was my hero my entire life. She was wiser, older, and incredibly attractive.

Before she left for college, she had a large group of male and female friends who frequently visited her at home. I admired her.

Mary was always kind to me, and in my younger years, she also assisted me with my schoolwork.

She was asking me about my romantic connections, and I thought she was just being curious and trying to be helpful. But I didn’t respond since I didn’t have any…

Although I wasn’t certain about going to a club, I decided to go because I didn’t want to protest.

Mary drove us to pick up Samantha, who I had never met previously, on Saturday night.

“Who’s the hunk, Mary? I assumed that you and I are an item… You’re aware that I loathe playing the third wheel! …”

“Sam, please stop talking; this is my younger brother Philip. He needs to understand that life is more than just work.”

“Mary, if he isn’t taken yet, may I have him? Please…”

I blushed even though I tried avoiding it.

“He’s blushing, Mary! He is very adorable. I have already loved him! Philiph, please keep me in mind if you are interested. I will always be here for you.”

Mary laughed loudly. Samantha seemed interested, but was she just teasing me? …

When we got there, most of the folks were young and huddled near the entrance.

Mary spoke with a guard by directly approaching him. He allowed us inside after a brief talk.

Being in a club for the first time was unnerving. Such a loud crowd, the loudness, the vibrant lights, the loud music…

Mary attempted to converse with me, “I’ll be here, Philiph. Why don’t you take a look around and observe the people? There might be someone you want to talk to. You might run into a lovely girl this evening because you look very good. Is it all right? You are welcome to stay with Sam and me here if you are bored.”

I was unsure. Everything was brand-new and confusing. I was perplexed.

However, after a while I realized I had nothing to lose and obliged to go for a tour of the place.

I started walking through the crowd while observing the numerous revelers.

A few girls giggled while glancing at me. Was that a welcome sign? Interested huh?

I wasn’t adequately sure of myself to approach them.

I wanted to go to the toilet. A woman touched my shoulder while I was walking there.

She appeared to be between 35 and 40 years old, was around 5’8″ tall, and was rather attractive.

“May I speak with you? I have an offer for you. Let me know if you are interested. She then gave me a card with the words “Irene Odera productions” on it. Both her email and phone number were provided.

I grinned at her, tucked the card away in my pocket, and promptly forgot about it as I went to use the restroom.

I met two girls my age or a little younger as the night progressed. I talked to them both, but I wasn’t smart or well-educated enough to come up with interesting topics of conversation.

Another woman, who looked to be about 25, was more forthright. “What’s up Big Guy: You are a new face to me around here. I like you. Do you feel like taking some fresh air? Or even better, why not enjoy a couple of beers at home?”

Despite being extremely forceful, she was gorgeous. I grinned but chose not to respond.

Where is Samantha? I asked Mary when I rejoined her an hour later.

“She is dancing with an elderly gentleman. I was able to leave her here since she gave me a hint that she would be with him. Do you wish to return home?”

“I’m sorry to disrupt your plans, Mary. I will remain here till YOU decide to return home”

“Oh, stop that, I’m also worn out. I caressed one of the guys I danced with, but neither of us had chemistry. We can depart if you’re ready.”

I was cleaning my teeth and preparing to go to bed barely an hour later.

I found Irene’s card after taking my pockets’ contents out. I left it on my dresser.

I slept soundly and was relieved to not have to leave for work when I got up at nine in the morning.

Once more noticing the card, I made the decision to contact and learn more about the lady’s offer.

By the fourth ring, he responded, “Hello, who is it?”

“Philiph here. At the club last night, you gave me your card.”

“Oh, absolutely! Why don’t you join me for lunch at Rosewood’s at noon, say?”

I’d love to, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it, and I don’t want to shame myself there, ma’am.

She laughed pleasantly “You will not need to pay anything, Philiph. I have sufficient funds. Additionally, it’s all on me as I’ve invited you to lunch. OK?”

I’ll get there on time, Lady Irene.

“Great. Just call me Irene if you will. Lady Irene sounds like the title of an elderly person.”

We met at the hotel’s lobby. She grinned as she escorted me to a tranquil corner table.

She asked me questions about my job and personal life. She then questioned me directly, “Are you content with your life or do you long for more?”

Irene, of course I desire a job that pays more and isn’t as physically taxing.

“How would you want to work less stressful and more enjoyable jobs while earning at least three times your current salary? Of course, if you end up being good at it, there will be further bonuses.”

I became curious, “Does it involve killing someone in any way? Or a career as a drug dealer?”

She laughed. Philiph: “No. The job involves accompanying women to events or parties while being kind to them and polite to everyone they encounter. You will have to decide whether or not to accept the fact that some of the ladies might be interested in other services. Even if you choose to decline their requests, you must ALWAYS be courteous. How do you feel?

“Do I continue doing my existing job, too? What days of the week would you like me? How much time am I spending with the women? I don’t have any fancy attire to attend high society functions.

Philip, let’s get started gradually. You continue to work during this time. On Monday night, I would like you to go to Westlands. There is a woman by the name of Clare working at the men’s clothing store where I will direct you. Tell her you were sent by Irene. She’ll look after you. You’ll have all you require by Saturday. Meet me at my house at 8 o’clock. We’re going to my friends’ party. I want you to come with me, try to be polite, to smile when you can. Get accustomed to these people’s language and learn some social etiquette. The majority of them attempt to dazzle others with their wealth, professional achievement, new, expensive items, and all-encompassing knowledge. Additionally, gossip is always on the agenda. You must pay attention and get it all in. Being calm and cheerful is typically sufficient to divert attention, but if you have anything insightful to say that won’t sound offensive, say it.

The following evening, I visited Westlands. After hearing Irene’s name, the lady hurried to attend to my requirements. She carefully measured everything, down to the width of my chest and the size of my shoes. To make a long tale short, after three hours I had three suits, two jackets, five brand-new shirts, two pairs of long trousers with matching belts, six ties, five pairs of socks, and three pairs of shoes.

I felt more burnt out after shopping than I did after a full day of work. I slept soundly.

Irene’s residence was my first stop on Saturday night when I arrived on my beat-up TVS motorbike. She took a look, then she let me in.

She had a large, VERY lavish home, but I didn’t have time to check it out.

Two minutes later, Irene was ready and brought me to her BMW. She took us for a 20-minute drive and ended up at another magnificent mansion.

A different woman unlocked the door. Irene gave me a kiss before introducing me as “my pal Philip.”

As she turned to face Irene after silently glancing at me, “Nicely done, my dear. He seems like an awesome prospect!”

Then we took a seat at a large table that was already occupied by eight people.

Irene told me everything about them-names, positions held, and occupations-but I barely remembered any of it. I simply grinned…

White-clad waitresses served the food as if we were guests at the State House. Did I mention grandiose? …

I saw how they ate, what dishes and utensils they used, and what kind of wine they paired with which meats and fish, and I LISTENED!

By the end of the evening, I had kissed the ladies’ hands and shook the men’s hands.

Irene seemed impressed when we exited “Philiph, you did quite well for your first attempt. Here’s Kshs. 20, 000. Now pause to consider your degree of interest. If it’s a definite “yes,” please let me know. I’ll see you again here on Saturday at 6 o’clock. Next time, though, things will be different, and your compensation will reflect that as well.”

She gave me a goodbye kiss before leaving for her home.

I felt queasy. Kshs. 20, 000 for nothing more than enjoying a fine meal? … Too good to be true, I thought.

I left Irene a message letting her know I will be there on Saturday as scheduled.

I was welcomed inside her home when I came the next weekend.

Only the two of us were in the large house when Irene told the maid to go.

We were seated on a couch in a beautiful living area. On the table was a bottle of wine.

Irene smiled and poured a full glass for each of us “You must become accustomed to drinking wine. In our culture, the issue is not whether or not you consume alcohol, but rather what you drink.”

We discussed my life story and my work.

She filled my glass back up to the rim each time it was going to empty.

I finished my second glass and felt content and liberated. Irene was a reliable friend. She was concerned for me.

She briefly touched my hand suggestively. I grinned at her because it felt good.

“Philiph, you’re nice. In fact, I really like you! I believe we’ll be capable of working together in a manner that will be rewarding for both of us.”

Isn’t it preferable for friends to sit like this? she asked as she withdrew my hand and placed it around her shoulder.

The scent of Irene was seductive.

I cast a quick peek her way. Her face was undoubtedly attractive. Her clothing was thrust forward by her tits. The nipples were pleasantly protruding.

I could feel my dick starting to swell.

Her hand was now on my leg, running from my knee to my crotch and back, in a downward and upward motion.

My prick became larger, and I could see a dome on my front.

Irene observed it and muttered, “Philiph, no problem! I can assist you there. Please give me a kiss.”

I had no idea what was going on. Without any prior knowledge, I had no idea what would happen next…

I knelt down to her level and attempted to kiss her cheek, but she turned and our lips came together instead.

It was a quick kiss with a closed mouth.

My lips were forced open as her hand pulled my face closer to hers. My first French kiss.

My bulge was felt by her hand, which she gently stroked.

It felt wonderful! But I was hesitant to cum in my pants. ” If you’re not careful, Irene!” I warned.

“Beautiful boy, remain quiet. Everything will be handled properly. I observed you admiring my breasts. Why don’t you fondle them?”

My mind was racing. The drink… The attractive woman… My stiff cock… Everything was just too much for me.

“Philip, go the restroom, urinate, and tidy up. I’m up in my bedroom on the second floor where you will find me.”

I realized I really needed to pass urine after I got to the bathroom. I wanted to give it a second thought after a quick shower. Irene was extending an invitation to me. I wasn’t certain of what to do or how to do it. However, she was attractive and knowledgeable, and my cock was already urging me to go forward with it given that I would later receive a bonus.

I was unable to think clearly.

… What the Hell, I guess. No harm could come to me…

I walked into Irene’s room.

Under a thin sheet that revealed all of her features, she was naked.

My cock jolted once more.

“Philip, take off your clothes and come here.”

I undressed completely and lay on her side. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her big breast.

Another first for me, this time. It had a pretty firm nipple but was otherwise soft.

Irene’s hand landed on my upright pole, “My, my, my! Your cock is quite large. And it already gives me a salute. Please give me another kiss.”

I turned to face her and gave her a passionate kiss while this time sticking my tongue into her mouth to explore inside.

She moaned as she raised my body over hers.

I took off the sheet to reveal her lovely body. Her ripe tits sagged a little bit, but in my opinion, they were exquisite. She moaned once again as I sucked on her protruding nipples.

My cock was being driven toward her cunt by her hand.

I chose to delay the penetration for the time being because I was too near to a climax.

I moved my mouth to her pussy as I climbed down on her body.

She had a nice scent. I licked her secretions as I grew accustomed to the unfamiliar flavor. I reached inside her with two fingers and sucked her puffed clit. She shrieked. Her breathing and heart rate picked up quickly.
All of a sudden her body jolted in the air and she began to cry…

Her entire body convulsed side to side as her snatch repeatedly tightened on my fingers.

Her sobs gradually subsided, and as I held her in my arms, her body became limp.

Irene had her eyes closed. I allowed her to rest.

But my enlarged pole served as a reminder that I was not yet finished.

Yes, I did want to poke my rod into this gorgeous woman’s genitalia!

My hand located her large tit and started massaging it.

She kept her eyes closed. She grinned.

We massaged her stunning tit while she placed her palm over mine.

I rose and bent down beside her head.

She turned to face me, encircled it with her lips, and began to descend on it.

She stuffed approximately half of my length into her gaping lips and started bobbing and sucking.

I was once more rapidly reaching a huge orgasm.

She tried to stop me, but I retreated.

I slid in between her legs, burrowing my cock deep within her wet cunt.

Irene groaned loudly as her mouth opened. She was moving toward another climax.

Before reaching my peak, I was able to pound her body for about 60 seconds.

I blew up inside of her, drenching her genital area in hot lava.

Irene’s crescendo began as my seed began to flood her snatch.

My pleasure was further heightened by her tunnel on my cock that occasionally contracted! …

In an effort to catch my breath, I leaned back.

This was my first sexual experience, and it was wonderful, I was thinking.

I relaxed and closed my eyes.

A mouth sucking my deflated prick startled me.

Irene kept sucking me while clearing the residue from my organ.

When it was clean, Irene gave me a quick look, “The work you did, Philiph, was excellent. You are of a tender age. How many relations did you have before me?”

Irene, I was a virgin when I met you, and I’m embarrassed to admit it.

She let out a loud laugh. “You did a great job for your debut. I’m delighted by you!”

“Dear Philiph, the ladies I was talking to you about require an escort to feel comfortable, to make them appear nice during social events, and sometimes they would be interested in extra perks, like the one you expertly did today,” she remarked as she placed Kshs. 40, 000 in front of me. You now have the choice of taking an interest or not. As you can see, if you continue to be decent, nice, and pleasant, your money will increase tremendously. I’ll say it again: You will only be hired if you are polite to all women, even if you choose to decline their offers! Now, you’re not required to respond. Never speak with me again if the response is negative. But you must contact me by the weekend if you want it.

I got ready, grabbed my wallet, and stepped outside.

Although my body and brain both said “yes,” I had the impression that I was also under the influence of something strong like a drug.

I still needed twenty-four hours to process a basic truth. I was about to transition from a construction worker making a meager wage to a gigolo… Will it be similar to a male prostitute? …

The following day, I called Irene and left a message for her “However, I do not want anyone to know my real name or address, despite my willingness to attempt. I’ll be Michael to them. Additionally, I need to know ahead of time who I will be escorting.”

Irene called me an hour later and said, “Michael, I agree. Just a little reminder: You are to be ALWAYS POLITE! And the arrangement is off if you won’t escort more than two of my girlfriends, friends, or clients.

“Irene, it seems reasonable. Now, if you’re okay with it, I’d want to start working weekends since I won’t quit my construction job until I can do what your REAL OFFER is and it makes financial sense for me.

Laughing, Irene said, “Michael, you’re correct. Keep working, and you’ll meet your first three clients on the following three Saturdays in a row. If I were you, I’d be less concerned about money. The consumers I’ll be bringing your way have “special needs,” but if they’re pleased with their experience with you, you can count on them to be VERY generous!

Lilian Mwihaki is your first lady, Michael. She wants you at her house by 6:30 o’clock. Don’t be late, please!”

I arrived at the correct address on Saturday seven minutes early. It was a sizable home that was situated by the river.

I didn’t ring the bell until two minutes before six o’clock all the while waiting in my car.

The door was answered by a 50-year-old cheerful woman. She stood about 5’2″ “120 pounds, had gray hair, and was dressed with style.

“I believe you to be Michael. Lilian is my name. Please enter. The bar is over there if you want to have anything to drink. I’ll be done in ten minutes, so sit back and unwind. We’re traveling to see my sister.”

Inspecting the bar, I It was enormous and had every type of beverage imaginable, including beers, wines, Cognacs, and Champagnes. A stack of Kshs. 1000 bills were also on the side. Was it on purpose to see if I would steal the money?

I sat down and poured myself a glass of white wine while taking in the surroundings.

Although I was no expert, it was clearly decorated by someone with taste.

Lilian showed up again and told me we had to go.

She told me on the way that she might tell people during the visit that I was her partner. I had a fixation with attractive cougars. She might hold my hands and even give me a kiss in front of the other guests.

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