Sugarmummy,Runda Nairobi

Rich Sugar Mummy In Runda Naked

“How are you today, admin? I am Roseline, 34, unmarried, and living in Runda in Nairobi. I am well off financially with no need for a man provisioning me. I also am a mother of two and a working professional with a life of her own. I am searching for a young, serious, and physically fit man. I promise to make him content financially and sexually, as well as offer him companionship and everything else he needs. If he proves his mettle, I might even offer him a lucrative position managing my business’s affairs. His appearance, personal grooming, and behaviour matter a lot to me, so he must have his sh*t together. Excuse my French. I’ve been looking for a person to spend time with in my free time, especially on weekends and holidays. You understand what I mean when I say that he should be able to handle an older woman; I won’t go into further detail, just make him understand I have needs that I want to be met.

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  1. Yes I’m interested in your business career , I’m eagerly looking for a nice woman in runda area to stay with.

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