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I made the stupid mistake of marrying a wealthy man who gives me all the things that I want, but he doesn’t make me happy in the bedroom. Maybe because he’s too busy with his stable of young girls all over the place when he’s traveling. I need someone to get me off instead of me and my vibrator. The batteries are getting old if you know what I mean. Someone who isn’t in a committed relationship because I don’t need an angry woman hunting me down. You have to be physically attractive but not necessarily GQ. Just a guy in his 30s preferably who likes having fun, being discreet and getting me off.

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7 thoughts on “Nikola – Online Dating”

  1. Indeed I feel my love is long gone and just looking for a lovable sugar mum to to wonderfully love, go places, hung-out and get back the lost love. I sincerely will cherish coz at my age i know what love is all about. Hook me up

  2. I need a mummy that will love me the way I am and promise to love her very much as she can love me too

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