How To Truly Impress Girls

Guys really like competing with each other.  Not only do they usually enjoy competitive sports, they’re also able to turn just about anything into a contest.  I’ve had milk-drinking competitions, Peep-eating contests (chowing down on the little yellow marshmallow birds you get at Easter) and all sorts of other strange challenges.  Many guys think that the best way to impress girls is to show off somehow, either by showing how much they know about a certain topic or with some moronic feats of strength.  Here’s the secret: the girls aren’t impressed. 

If you’re a boy there’s a good chance that at some point in your life you’re going to want to learn how to impress a girl.  It’s a difficult subject, and I know guys who have gone their entire lives without having a clue of how to impress a girl.  Personally, I think they’re looking a little too hard.  Learning how to impress a girl isn’t particularly difficult, but it does mean that you’ll have to change the way you think about things for a little while.

So how to you learn how to impress a girl?  Well, while the boys were off beating each other up on the playground in elementary school, the girls were probably talking to each other.  Girls like to talk.  Not only do they like to talk, they also like to listen, and they like it when other people listen too.  Especially boys.  One of the best things you can do to impress a girl is to be able to carry on a mature, intelligent conversation with her.  It doesn’t have to be about cold fusion or advanced calculus, but fart jokes probably aren’t such a great idea.  It’s important to ask questions and, here’s the important part, pay attention to what she has to say.  Be interested in what she likes and who she is and she’ll start to pay a lot of attention to you.  You’ll come off as a guy who isn’t a jerk, who isn’t trying to impress her, and who she can relate to.  These are all very good things.

When dealing with the issue of how to impress a girl, some people will say that chivalry is the way to go.  Open doors for her, carry her books, and act like a true gentleman.  Chivalry can be dangerous though, as many girls (especially those with a feminist bent) will see chivalry as an affront, so be careful.  Getting involved in a good conversation may not be the flashiest way to get a girl’s attention, but it has a great chance of working (and you don’t have to gorge yourself on Peeps).

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