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A few words about myself: My name is Jasmine. I don’t play games and I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage being the ultimate goal! I am caring, compassionate, and respectful. I consider myself a desirable person. I am very outgoing, communicative, easy-going, outspoken. I love watching movies and series, listening to music, singing, reading, writing poems, swimming, and playing basketball. I am seriously searching for a mature and intelligent young man who is humble, responsible, vibrant, and honest to be my partner and companion. I have many special gifts to offer to my beloved man along with my sensitivity to others, and a strong ability to keep things running smoothly

If you are a reliable, kind, cheerful, and just a good man with true love at heart, someone who is ready to be always close and not only gives his love and kindness but also takes twice as much, I am waiting for you with all my being! I am sure that I can make you the happy owner of a ticket to a prosperous life and fulfilling companionship! Hope to see you soon and get to know you!

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I’m Lisa, a resident of Embakasi area in Eastlands, Nairobi. For a long time, I have been wondering whether all the stories of sugar mummies in Kenya getting attractive and virile young men to ignite passion in their bedrooms are all but a big lie. Then my friend happened. I bumped into her in a high-end club in upmarket Nairobi and guess what she had in her tow? A cute and bubbly young Romeo and they were a picture-perfect pair. She narrated how after struggling with dating boring men her age, she had decided to date younger. Her bedroom life has improved and her confidence levels have soared sky-high. She is the one who intimated that I should try your services. Told me that you never disappoint. If she is anything to go by, your services must be a dream come true. That is why I am here, to try my luck. I’m looking to connect with a sugar-loving toyboy who shares my passion for uninhibited fun and sexual adventurism. I’m ready for an intimate relationship, and a young stallion in the Nairobi metropolitan area would be ideal. This is my first shot here and more so at internet dating. Kindly, Admin make it worth my while. I’d like to meet someone right away.

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“How are you admin, I hope your hookups and dating agency business is doing well. We had talked sometimes back and I promised I will be back after completing some business I had to take care of abroad.  Just like I informed you, I need a youthful guy who’s handsome, healthy & physically fit. He should be romantic, caring and considerate. Emotionally available and able to give a good woman like everything she desires. I need a guy I can help grow financially and in terms of social life as far as he’ll do things my way & make me feel appreciated. Am a prosperous business woman based in Lavington, Nairobi. How soon can you connect me? Please link me ASAP. I will be truly grateful”

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Rich Sugar Mummies Kenya Nairobi

“Hello fellas,  I go by the name Sandra, and I reside in Kasarani, Nairobi. I am 37 years strong and a successful entrepreneur in the city. Though I love children and I am seriously considering having my own, I haven’t been blessed with one. I have been single for the better part of my life as I didn’t like the idea of romance messing up my business ambitions.  I’m a very sociable woman who gets along well with all kinds of guys. I enjoy going out and spending time with the appropriate person if we click. After scaling the heights of trade and investment I am considering spoiling myself with a young toyboy to keep me entertained.  My friends tell me I don’t know what I am missing and that a young fine gentleman would bring out the youth in me. I am also not getting any younger and would like to get a kid to call me mum before it’s too late. I also abhor the idea of my child’s friends mistaking me for her grandma. That’s where you come in admin. I have heard many women in my circle swear by your site and would like to give it a shot. Kindly connect me with a strong, handsome, and healthy young man. I prefer someone serious as my busy schedule leaves me no time for jokers. I am wealthy and can help him financially if he fulfills my desires and keeps me happy and fulfilled. Cheers”

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Name: Gabriella

Age: 38 years 

Current residence: Nairobi, Kenya

How are you doing admin? I have decided to contact you about your famous and reliable sugar mummy hookups. I am a very wealthy lady living in Runda but I am very lonely. My husband left me because he felt that I was going to kill him with sex. It is not my fault, I just happen to have a very high libido hence I have a huge sexual appetite. I have tried dating men my age but they don’t seem to be able to keep up. One shot and they roll over and sleep living me at the mercy of my fingers and vibrators. Some even start snoring which irks me to no end. A friend of mine suggested that I should try younger, more virile men. She told me they can go on and on. Please connect me with a strong guy who can satisfy me in bed. I have lots of money and he need not bother with work. We can spend the day in bed naked having sex nonstop. We can even walk around the house nude which is such a turn-on for me. If you can find me a suitable guy ASAP I would be very grateful. Waiting to hear from you. 

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“Hello there admin. I am very happy to hear that you have prospective sugar-baby males here in Nairobi. I’m Emma, a Nairobi resident with a home in Ngong Estate. I’m an entrepreneur running thriving businesses in Nairobi Central Business District. Due to my hardworking nature, I have amassed a lot of wealth and can afford to live the ‘soft life’. The only place I seem to be lagging behind is my love life. Sometimes during the lonely nights, I regret being so serious about life and missing out on romantic adventures. I am thus looking for an attractive young male to rekindle my lost twenties. I desire a strong stud who can ravish a 42-year-old woman in bed till she is glowing with pleasure. I will shower my dream partner with gifts and money as long as he romances me and keeps me fulfilled as a woman. Honesty and faithfulness are some things I treasure so playboys please keep off. If you are interested, kindly share your picture and contact information with the admin so that I may contact you soonest. I appreciate your interest and rest assured if you happen to satisfy my desire we are going to share some very exciting moments together.”

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Hookup with Eloise in Kileleshwa

“Hello, my name is Eloise, and I am a 25-year-old working-class lay who is a self-confessed sex addict. I’m employed by an insurance provider in Nairobi. I’m a hot woman that enjoys large cocks. I’m looking for a gorgeous guy in Nairobi that has a large, tasty cock so we can hook up. Looking around town for a guy to slide in my smooth, tight pussy today. An HIV test is required.. I’m from Kileleshwa.”

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Sugarmummy,Runda Nairobi

“How are you today, admin? I am Roseline, 34, unmarried, and living in Runda in Nairobi. I am well off financially with no need for a man provisioning me. I also am a mother of two and a working professional with a life of her own. I am searching for a young, serious, and physically fit man. I promise to make him content financially and sexually, as well as offer him companionship and everything else he needs. If he proves his mettle, I might even offer him a lucrative position managing my business’s affairs. His appearance, personal grooming, and behaviour matter a lot to me, so he must have his sh*t together. Excuse my French. I’ve been looking for a person to spend time with in my free time, especially on weekends and holidays. You understand what I mean when I say that he should be able to handle an older woman; I won’t go into further detail, just make him understand I have needs that I want to be met.

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Sugar Momma in Nairobi Seeks a Sugar Boy to Spoil

Hello, guys. I’m Dorothy, and I’m 39 years old. I reside and work in Nairobi. I came across this website a few hours ago, and the posts I read really impressed me. I’m hoping to find a sexually attractive, energetic sugar boy who is willing to be cherished.

You must be aware of what a sugar momma desires in life. I would want to connect with the very finest. I work in marketing. I operate exclusively for myself. For your knowledge, I am not currently married and never have been. Despite previous split-ups, I do have one baby girl from a past relationship. I really haven’t had a guy to go with for some time and I am looking to re-enter the dating scene.

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Hot Sugar Lady from Lavington, Nairobi wants a Hookup

Patricia Muiruri is what they call me. I hail from Thika but presently reside in Lavington Estate. I want a man who can be my boyfriend, my confidant, my lover, and my shield. Just as long as you have a good heart, I can be your companion regardless of your ethnicity or faith. The other gentleman you paired me up with has started college in Kisumu, so he had no choice but to depart. First of all, thank you for your previous successful hookup. Kindly find me someone who is just average in age and ready to move in with me for a long time. I’d appreciate it greatly. Please notify admin if you believe you are the right person for me.

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