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“Hello, guys. I feel as a lady I should comment on what many older women largely known as sugar mummies experience nowadays. Finding the appropriate young man to make a lady happy is highly challenging, someone intelligent enough to have engaging conversations and still be considerate, compassionate, and treat others with respect. Your website however has made it simple and straightforward in matching individuals with similar interests together.

“My name is Halima and I am here for fun, to find my own toyboy who can make life easier and more satisfying. I’m an entrepreneur in Nairobi and live in a lush suburban estate whose name I would like to withhold for now. As you can now guess, privacy and discretion are two things I hold dear. I’m divorced, and I have a daughter who attends boarding school. I am not ready to introduce her to a new man yet so the person we hook up with must understand that part of my life. I just want fun with no strings attached. If our arrangement develops into something bigger than that it’s for our future to decide.

“Outside business and to the lighter side of life, I adore both music and films. I enjoy watching movies a lot, especially African-themed ones. I want someone who is attractive, composed, and with the social intelligence to fit into my kind of crowd. I am not very complicated and I am sure you will love to get to know me. Looking forward to the prospect of meeting someone soon.

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