Sugar Mummies Online – Meet Lydia from Migori

“How are you admin and by extension the readers of this awesome website? My name is Lydia a mature, 35-year-old woman from Migori. I am looking for a young, attractive, and fun-loving dude who has no problem dating older women or sugar mummies as you people call them. The person I have in mind should be available to travel all over East Africa as I work in a tours and travel business and that is what my work entails. I have been single for a long time and feel that the time is ripe for me to dive into the world of dating and romance. I have never been married nor do I consider it a remote possibility. I just need someone with whom I can have fun and fulfill each other’s needs without running the risk that comes with dating multiple partners. You should therefore be faithful to a fault if you are serious about being with me. I believe in your ability to make my dreams come true admin. I am well-off financially and can keep my young partner happy as long as he does the same when it matters.

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Naked Sugar Mummy – Hook Up with Gabriella from Runda

Name: Gabriella

Age: 38 years 

Current residence: Nairobi, Kenya

How are you doing admin? I have decided to contact you about your famous and reliable sugar mummy hookups. I am a very wealthy lady living in Runda but I am very lonely. My husband left me because he felt that I was going to kill him with sex. It is not my fault, I just happen to have a very high libido hence I have a huge sexual appetite. I have tried dating men my age but they don’t seem to be able to keep up. One shot and they roll over and sleep living me at the mercy of my fingers and vibrators. Some even start snoring which irks me to no end. A friend of mine suggested that I should try younger, more virile men. She told me they can go on and on. Please connect me with a strong guy who can satisfy me in bed. I have lots of money and he need not bother with work. We can spend the day in bed naked having sex nonstop. We can even walk around the house nude which is such a turn-on for me. If you can find me a suitable guy ASAP I would be very grateful. Waiting to hear from you. 

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Hook Up with Sugar Mummy Sponsor in Athi River – Lilian Nthenya

“Hello admin, I’m Lilian from Athi River, a mature single woman with good financial standing. I’m looking for a loving, committed young sugar lover who is interested in a sponsor. I do not mind helping a virile young man with a lifestyle change for the better so long as he keeps me satisfied when it comes to bedroom matters. Not to say that I want a bedroom bully per se, but rather someone who is versatile. Sometimes sweet and tender, other times just pin to the wall and have his way with me. Someone who can read my moods and give the old girl what she wants. I have been lonely for years chasing a career but now I want that deep void in that sphere of my life filled. I have a reputation to guard so pair me up with someone mature, well-groomed, and discreet.

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Rich Sugar Mummies Kenya Nairobi – Hook Up with Vera

Dear all, I’m Vera, a 34-year-old single and searching. I am a financially secure woman from Muthaiga who has her own profit-making businesses. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and having fun. I am honest and forthright, and I like getting straight to the point. You are never beating around the bush with me. I value my time. Due to my business-like nature, many men fear approaching me. Little do they know that deep inside there is a little girl who loves flowers, chocolate, and being romanced spoilt. I would like to meet a sexy athletic dude in Nairobi who can take a woman and ravish her till she is screaming with delight. Someone who can really handle that sex part of my life properly. Shy guys, you are not in luck because I need a man who knows what a mature woman wants. The person I have in mind should be equally open-minded and adventurous as I am. When I feel like having sex for pleasure, especially on weekends, all I want is a partner to keep me satisfied sexually. Since I am concerned about my health, the partner I choose should be faithful and loyal. We must undergo an HIV test together.

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Date Evelyn – Hot Sugar Lady in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi

“Hey dudes, I’m Evelyn, a financially well-off woman in Ongata Rongai who is sexually active. I am looking for a hot, strong young dude with whom we can chat on Whatsapp and even hang out together. If we manage to click we can take it further to the bedroom. Though I am shy and reserved in public, behind closed doors I tend to have untamed animal desire and energy. I am interested in someone who is not afraid of expressing himself sexually with the right partner. Someone who can completely take a woman till she feels owned. I don’t believe in paying for or being paid for sex. We will just enjoy ourselves as two consenting adults. Since I have the financial muscle, I can help with the finances if you are all that good but cash-strapped. For risk-free fun with no later regrets, we have to get tested together. I personally love the peace of mind that comes with knowledge of your partner and trust. That takes me to my second point. The person I have in mind should be faithful to a fault. For meetings, I can come to your place, or you mine. We can also arrange a cozy hotel room, something discreet in Nairobi city or environs.

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Sugar Mama Kenya – Hook Up with Emma in Ngong Estate

“Hello there admin. I am very happy to hear that you have prospective sugar-baby males here in Nairobi. I’m Emma, a Nairobi resident with a home in Ngong Estate. I’m an entrepreneur running thriving businesses in Nairobi Central Business District. Due to my hardworking nature, I have amassed a lot of wealth and can afford to live the ‘soft life’. The only place I seem to be lagging behind is my love life. Sometimes during the lonely nights, I regret being so serious about life and missing out on romantic adventures. I am thus looking for an attractive young male to rekindle my lost twenties. I desire a strong stud who can ravish a 42-year-old woman in bed till she is glowing with pleasure. I will shower my dream partner with gifts and money as long as he romances me and keeps me fulfilled as a woman. Honesty and faithfulness are some things I treasure so playboys please keep off. If you are interested, kindly share your picture and contact information with the admin so that I may contact you soonest. I appreciate your interest and rest assured if you happen to satisfy my desire we are going to share some very exciting moments together.”

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Meet Layla, a Sexy Sugar Mummy from Nakuru

Good morning, admin. I go by the name Layla, a very sexy single momma from Mawanga in Nakuru. I have vast tracts of land here and other properties bequeathed to me by my husband before he passed on. Though well-off financially, I am very lonely and need to be romanced like I used to. How does your online hookup operate? I am looking for a man to give me love, please. I prefer someone who is good in bed, regardless of age because it has been some time for me. I’m an attractive, independent woman with the financial muscle to give us a life of comfort. I have a friend who professed to me that she met an awesome gentleman here, so please help me find a cute, responsible young man who can be with me and make me happy! They can leave me a note through you and I will get back to whoever I develop an interest for. I will forever be grateful if you help me succeed.

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Nairobi Gay Bottom Looking for Top

Are there homosexual men on this website? I’m Alfred and I live in Mathare North, where I also own a shop. I am a single bottom looking for a rich top to be my gay sugar daddy. I want to meet and potentially get to know a fantastic gay man in the greater Nairobi area. All I need for sex is a powerful top homosexual.

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Phone numbers of Sugar Mummies from Kiambu – Date Cassandra

Hello admin and the greater hookup community! This is not the first time I am contacting you in search of a suitable match. The last connection was successful the only hitch being that the guy you paired me up with lived with his parents. We couldn’t have a sleepover at my place because he was always going back home. Meeting him during the day was tricky given that I have to attend to my various businesses. I finally set him free after I realized we weren’t going anywhere. Today, I want to give it another go. If you remember, I’m Cassandra from Kiambu and I’m looking for a young man to share my love with. Please note that you must be good in bed because I want to be ravished behind closed doors. Kindly leave your contact information with admin and I will get back to you if I like you or what you have to offer. Cheers.

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Rich Cougar from Kakamega is looking for an adventurous dude

Helen here from Kakamega in western Kenya. To tell the truth about me, I’m a generally cheerful person who wants to have a little fun and be with someone, as I am tired of a single life. I am well off economically being a well-renumerated medic. I frequently travel in and outside of the country, and I need a travel partner to tag along. I am the life of the party, and love being carefree once in a while. Indoors I enjoy watching a gripping movie or simply reading an enjoyable book or magazine. Romantic wise I am usually open to exploring and trying new things, both fun and daring. I am looking for an extremely adventurous man we explore the extremes of sexual ecstasy together. I have no room for shy guys or mild types. Hook me up with any dude from Western or Kisii.

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